• The "River of Life": A useful methodology for storytelling

    Luis Ortiz-Echevarría

    USAID Global Health Fellows Program | Youth Program Strengthening

    I was so glad to see Rebecca Shore's recent blog post on storytelling. Some of the questions raised by Rebecca on broaching storytelling with technical staff and making the time for storytelling in different settings are serious challenges to implementing this approach. One methodology that I have found useful is the River of Life.

  • New Knowledge Portal for Improving Health Care

    Lani Marquez

    USAID Health Care Improvement Project, URC | Knowledge Management and Communication Director

    The USAID ASSIST Project has recently launched our knowledge portal for improving health care and other services.  Please visit to learn about methods to improve care delivery and reach better outcomes.  The new site contains all the resources formerly on

    Our new portal allows us to share the latest in quality improvement knowledge in a more interactive and accessible way.  On the site you can:

  • Storytelling: The most basic form of knowledge management

    Rebecca Shore

    JHU∙CCP | Communications Specialist

    This blog post originally appeared on the K4Health blog on March 31, 2014.

    Peer educators

    Peer educators and actors from Women at Work International (WAWI) act out a skit on World AIDS Day 2007 in Uganda


    Knowledge management (KM) is something that helps all of us do our jobs. Whether we identify it as KM, the processes by which we organize, disseminate, package, and share information is KM. As a public health professional, before I worked for the K4Health project, I had never considered KM or really knew what it meant. Storytelling always appealed to me as a communicator, but I never considered it as a KM method.

  • Moving Communications and KM from a Supporting Function to a Strategic Function: Reflections from Peter Ballantyne & Michael Victor

    Maciej Chmielewski

    Communications Specialist, Feed the Future KDAD Project Insight Systems Corporation

    This piece is cross-posted from the Agrilinks blog

    Knowledge management (KM) is a tool and communications is a function of that tool...or is it communications is a tool and KM is a function of that tool? Or better yet, KM and communications are both a process, and when used side by side, transform information into useful knowledge. While the precise definitions may be debatable, we can safely say that KM and communications are necessary and complimentary components for reaching a strategic goal.

  • Connecting with Technical Staff on KM

    Jessica Ziegler

    University Research Co., LLC | Knowledge Management Specialist

    Not long after joining URC as a Knowledge Management Specialist, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit our USAID Strengthening Uganda’s Systems for Treating AIDS Nationally (SUSTAIN) project to provide technical assistance on KM as the project enters its fourth of five years. SUSTAIN works with Uganda’s Ministry of Health and health care facilities across the country to support “sustainable and innovative approaches for improving HIV prevention, care and treatment services.” One of the key words in this mission statement is “improving;” quality improvement (QI) is a fundamental pillar of the project’s approach.