Corinne Mahoney

IntraHealth International | Senior Manager, Communications and KM

Since 2005 Corinne has been helping IntraHealth International to share and use information more effectively. From managing the organization’s library to establishing systems for improved internal knowledge sharing to leading the organization’s corporate web presence, her career has focused on how to use knowledge management principles and techniques to improve the effectiveness of global health organizations and programs.

As a senior manager, Corinne currently leads IntraHealth’s digital platforms and content team, ensuring the organization is reaching a variety of audiences with effective messages and sharing stories and resources from across its global health programs in more than thirty countries.

She has extensive experience in project management, compiling and synthesizing global health evidence for specific audiences, engineering systems and protocols to improve knowledge sharing,  information architecture for websites and intranets, content management, storytelling, blogging, social media, and website management. Corinne received her master’s in library science from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her BA from the University of Notre Dame.