Kris Horvath

IntraHealth International | Manager, KM and Internal Communications

Like most of you reading this, Kris Horvath spends a lot of time keeping up with changes in the world of knowledge management.  While Kris has been “at it” for 11 years or so, it feels like much longer, given the dramatic changes seen in the knowledge management field in that time. Pagers (!) that received text messages were the key part of a research-alert system that Kris, as a cub in a KM department, helped design 11 years ago. For the last six years, Kris has devoted his practice to global public health and development. His expertise extends across all of the emerging fields of distance learning and organizational knowledge strategy, intranet management and customization, performance support, and instructional design. As a KM practitioner, Kris brings a client-centered approach that seeks to use habits already entrenched – sometimes even the bad ones – and diverting them in the service of a more efficient and effective system of knowledge exchange. Kris believes that any operation is already using KM whether its stakeholders are aware of it – so it may as well be done thoughtfully and with purpose. Kris received his M.L.S. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and his M.A. in Literature from the University of Tennessee. He works at IntraHealth International, where he can be reached at