Crowdsourcing the ABCs for Managers who Lead

Luis Ortiz-Echevarría

Manager, Knowledge Management & Learning | Management Sciences for Health

Since 2009, Management Sciences for Health (MSH) has supported online communities of practice, called Technical Exchange Networks (TEN). The purpose of the TENs is to facilitate peer-to-peer exchange of technical and programmatic information and experiences in select topics. TENs provide access to information and project experiences, create a forum for interaction between group members, and stimulate action. Each TEN is comprised of staff from across the world dedicated to learning and sharing information and insights in their field of work. TENs at MSH have been established as one of the key strategic initiatives for internal knowledge sharing and learning.  

The Leadership Development TEN was established in 2012, with the purpose of providing staff with the most up-to-date information about MSH’s approaches to leadership development. The TEN helps to stimulate discussions around the role of leadership and management in increasing access to quality health services in low and middle-income countries.

Crowdsourcing the ABCs for Managers who Lead

Last year, two MSH staff initiated a discussion thread through the Leadership Development TEN asking staff to indicate their interest in participating in a collaborative project to develop a booklet for managers. Over 21 responses were collected. By late-January, the participants were called the “ABC crowdsourcers”. Over the next few months, participants were engaged in a survey and shared Google Document to collaboratively develop a booklet called ABCs for Managers who Lead.

The result was that a global community of staff was engaged to deliver on an idea. As one of the coordinators mentioned “It's hard for me to believe that we created the booklet by crowdsourcing with people across the world simply by way of the internet.” The purpose of this booklet is to help health and development practitioners to reflect on 26 important management and leadership practices.

The examples used throughout the booklet come from MSH success stories and cover different facets of MSH's work in leadership development.  

The electronic version of the booklet can be accessed here.

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