Core Functions

Collaboration and Innovation: We host regular, open meetings, which include GHKC updates and presentations on selected KM topics (either by GHKC members or outside speakers). Meetings also provide a space to discuss current KM topics, share lessons learned, and plan for future GHKC deliverables. The GHKC also includes a number of GHKC Task Teams.

Knowledge Exchange: We facilitate the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and resources via the GHKC listserv, webinars, the KM for Health and Development Toolkit, and the various GHKC Task Teams.

Capacity Building: We identify and facilitate opportunities for strengthening KM activities and partnerships, including country-level capacity building.

Advocacy: We encourage the larger global health and development field to recognize the importance of KM, mobilize resources for KM, and engage in KM activities that strengthen projects and organizations and improve health outcomes.