GHKC Advisory Committee

The current GHKC Advisory Committee includes roughly 10 members, representing the following organizations: Abt Associates, EngenderHealth, Ipas, Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs, John Snow Inc., Management Sciences for Health, USAID/LEARN, URC, and USAID. The Advisory Committee rotates along with the chair organization; terms in the Advisory Committee last for two years.

The GHKC Advisory Committee helps provide strategic direction and counsel to the GHKC Chair Organization and helps coordinate the development of GHKC activities. They work virtually as a team and meet as necessary to discuss progress with implementing the GHKC strategies and activities. Advisory Committee members also work to identify opportunities for providing technical leadership through GHKC members on issues of high priority and emerging issues in KM and global health.

For more about the GHKC Advisory Committee, see the GHKC Operating Guidelines.