GHKC Products

Knowledge Management Indicator Library

Does your health and development work involve managing and sharing knowledge? Are you responsible for monitoring and evaluating the success of knowledge-sharing efforts? If so, the Knowledge Management (KM) Indicator Library is for you.

GHKC Overview Presentation

This is an overview of the GHKC presented in August 2014.

Takeaway Messages from Last Week's Webinar on "Making Knowledge Usable and Managing Knowledge Across Boundaries"

Following last week's webinar on Making Knowledge Usable and Managing Knowledge Across Boundaries," Simone Parrish of the Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project, JHU·CCP, prepared this document on "KM Basics." 

Guide to Monitoring and Evaluating Knowledge Management in Global Health Programs

This newly-updated Guide offers comprehensive guidance including a unique logic model and 42 common indicators to measure the process, reach, usefulness, and learning/action outcomes of knowledge management (KM) activities in the context of global health and development programs. It is the successor to the 2007 Guide to Monitoring Health Information Products and Services.

GHKC Report: Fostering Knowledge Exchange for Better Health Outcomes

This resource is a report of the Global Health Knowledge Collaborative's (GHKC's) goals, outputs, and challenges since its inception (under the name Knowledge Management Working Group) in 2010. It provides information about the history of the GHKC, the purposes of the various GHKC products, and a vision for the future.

KM Case Study: Using Knowledge Management to Maximize the Impact of a Film

Author: Daniel Cothran

Publication date: 2013

Summary: KM practitioners have a lot to share – and a lot to learn from each other. The GHKC has developed a series of case studies informed by real life experiences implementing KM activities within health and development organizations. These case studies highlight strategies, challenges, successes, lessons learned, and recommendations for others.