Applying KM Techniques to Promote Learning: the Uganda National Quality Improvement Conference (KM Case Study)

Author: Robert Kyeyagalire

Publication date: 2012

Summary: KM practitioners have a lot to share – and a lot to learn from each other. The GHKC has developed a series of case studies informed by real life experiences implementing KM activities within health and development organizations. These case studies highlight strategies, challenges, successes, lessons learned, and recommendations for others.

This case study focuses on the National Quality Improvement (QI) Conference held by the Ugandan Ministry of Health in February 2012. The event, funded by USAID and other donors, brought together stakeholders from over the country and featured work supported by 17 different implementing partners. A key challenge in organizing the conference was to ensure that the design of the event emphasized peer-to-peer learning. The conference organizing committee structured the conference to include plenty of interactive sessions, which opened avenues for participants to learn from each other. Purposefully using interactive formats enriched the event and built capacity among organizing committee members to design similar conferences in the future.