KM Case Study: Applying KM Lessons Learned from an Online Discussion Forum

Author: Libby Skolnik

Publication date: 2013

Summary: KM practitioners have a lot to share – and a lot to learn from each other. The GHKC has developed a series of case studies informed by real life experiences implementing KM activities within health and development organizations. These case studies highlight strategies, challenges, successes, lessons learned, and recommendations for others.

This case study describes an online discussion forum and tweet chat (titled “Advocacy for Family Planning Programs – Beyond the London Summit”) hosted by The Measurement, Learning & Evaluation (MLE) Project in November 2012. A follow-up survey was conducted, and a number of lessons were highlighted. Namely, a responsive after action review after an online forum led to significant increase in participation and engagement in subsequent forums. In addition, it is important to be adaptable and to focus on format, relevance, language, timing, and promotion in order to conduct successful online events.