The New Partners Initiative Timesheet Module: E-Learning to Support Knowledge Management (KM Case Study)

Author: Caitlin Corcoran

Publication date: 2012

Summary: KM practitioners have a lot to share – and a lot to learn from each other. The GHKC has developed a series of case studies informed by real life experiences implementing KM activities within health and development organizations. These case studies highlight strategies, challenges, successes, lessons learned, and recommendations for others.

This case study focuses on the New Partners Initiative Timesheet Training Series e-Learning modules, which were designed to allow US Government (USG) partners, and any organization seeking to implement best practices, to establish a timesheet system compliant with USG requirements. Improved financial management systems will enable organizations to be better prepared to receive USG funding to implement future programs. E-Learning was used to transmit training in a consistent way and enable learners to proceed at their preferred pace, while also practicing the concepts.